Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letter to a Werewolf

Sorry Werewolf,
I've been busy documenting 200 Buddhas around Bangkok for Hawaii television.

Are you coming to The Big Mango party on Saturday?
I'm staying right across the street from there. (Its my old neighborhood.) Went inside for some desert after eating street noodles and crispy fish, settling on a bitter mango shot. (Asked for afterwords for a buttery nipple,
but the girls didn't know what I was talking about.) They need a couple deserts on the menu.

I went to Soi Cowboy to take some neon shots last night, using the girls that would grab me as human tripods........ It worked out well.

And realized that after bumping into a couple old Hog's Breath friends on the first night who left teeth marks on my unit, that some things are best left to professionals,
and I found a giggling loving polite happy one at Rainbow 4.
They train them well there, and to my surprise costing the same inflated prices as everywhere else.

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