Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taking A Date Out to Angelwitch

Saw Dave, the longtime manager of the go-go bar Angelwitch the other night. He was nice enough to buy me a drink (I asked for a screwdriver and got fresh orange juice and vodka) as we talked about blogging, the condition of Nana Plaza, and smoking in the clubs, etc... as this slender, cute, Asian-looking gogo dancer kept eyeing me.
Then we went next door to Spanky's where there was a clear plexiglass shower stall and girls hanging from the ceiling.....(There I asked for a screwdriver and got orange soda with vodka.)
Afterwords I picked up my latest squeeze, a Chinese Thai girl at Rainbow 4 nightclub and took her over to Angelwitch to see one of the best gogo stage shows in Bangkok. She really enjoyed the dance and stage routines, and after a little bit she leaned over to me and said "Me horny," which meant that it was time to go.
Angelwitch stage show, it works every time.

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