Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting to Bangkok 2010

Flew from Hawaii to Norita on Jalways (part of Japan Air Lines and connected with American Airways) with with a nice lunch of chicken stir-fry and veggie with red wine. I found out that half of the stewardesses are Thai girls.
It seems that the country girls go to Bangkok to be go-go dancers, and the Bangkok girls learn English and Japanese so they can work for Japan Air Lines.
I think that there is also a preference of the Japanese to get other nationalities to wait on them.
I had the same seat, a window seat at the emergency exit.
The Hawaii to Norita was very nice with good food, free drinks, with plenty of leg and elbow room.
But the Norita Airport was humid and hot with carpet floors which made it harder to roll my luggage.
And the same seats were a lot smaller with three little seats in place of the two, and a very stuffy plane.

(photos by Randy Magnus)

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