Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in Bangkok, 2012

I had realized that I had l left my lens cap back at The Tavern when the turkey caught fire earlier in the day. Went back and the waitresses had it set aside for me. Scott, the owner, offered me some leftovers of the steamed Turkey if I bought a 95 baht beer ($3), which I did with a 20 baht tip.
Later I was offered the same deal at the Zen Bar, which I declined, being full.

Checked out the clubs and noticed that it was almost 11:30pm, so headed over to Cascades for the nightly ladyboy cabaret show.
This one ladyboy wanted me to buy her a drink, which you have to do to avoid all the others wanting to sit next to you, and one has to have a drink in front of you to be able to stay in the club.

I got out my camera and the waitress said I couldn't take any photos. But I knew it was okay to photograph the cabaret because I had done it many times during my past visits. We got the manager who knows me and he said it was fine for me to take photos during the show.

I took a few photos of the cabaret when I realized that I didn't have much money on me since I only went out to find my lens cap. Checked the tab (250 baht) and I was 10 baht short.
When the manager walked by again I told him that I was a little short (30 cents) and for him to make up the difference. No problem, and he took the check and what Thai money that I had on me. (I'll pay him back next week).
The ladyboy next to me got the feeling that I wasn't going to be a big tipper and lost interest in me, which was fine for I just wanted to shoot the ladyboy cabaret show.

So how was your Thanksgiving?


  1. Hi Art,

    thanks to your nice comment in my blog

    I know that girl with the blond hair, she chatted to me at about 3 a.m. that she was so horny, and also staying in soi NANA, like me.. If she can come to my room now for some fun.. and I didnt refuse.. haha..

    About the toilet incident..
    At my third and last night in BKK, finally I had time to go to Cascades, but only at about 1 a.m. . The place was very quiet, oviously most of the girls were barfined, not many stunners there. I ordered one san miguel light 150 baht, and went to toilet. I was the only one there.. When I finished, some girls came in, and I took the chance for pictures.. and the more pictures I took, the more girls came in.. haha.. they enjoyed it, as much as I did..
    Finally I bought Nr. 19 a drink, also 150 baht..

    I dont understand how u can get a bill at about 250 baht? My bill was 300 baht for 1 beer and 1 ld.
    Did u had water?

  2. Randy, you sure left little 'ole Modesto behind. Glad you can indulge your wanderlust.